Network Assessments



We believe strongly that, at the end of the day, important IT decisions and direction should be handled by the senior leadership of our clients. In order for those leaders to make the decisions that are right for their business, they need a strong foundation of knowledge and data. Our 360-degree network assessment package is designed with this in mind.



No security assessment would be complete without reviewing the basics. From your network policies to firewall, we will review and assess all of the fundamentals. However, while the basics are essential, the number-one vulnerability in any network is employee use. That is why we don’t just stop at the fundamentals but rather also thoroughly test the IT intellect of your staff by simulating phishing attacks and other “social hacks” to provide you a real assessment of how secure your network really is.



When working with a new client, we often find that their expectations for how they will fare in a disaster are not aligned with how their DR is setup. Our assessment starts by reviewing the most common disasters and mapping out what your expectations for recovery would be. We then compare those expectations to your current plan and identity any misalignment. In addition, we will review whether your plan has the proper documentation to make it effective.



It is not uncommon to find that a client’s network is performing slower than it needs to be. Either due to improper configuration, old equipment, or even bad wiring, we will assess where your bottlenecks are and what performance sacrifices you are making as a result.



By creating a complete inventory of every single IT device on your network and a map of how everything is configured, we can provide analysis into the health of your network equipment. The outcome of this report is often an equipment replacement schedule that allows you to forecast and plan when each device on your network will be replaced years in advance.



Each client has some level of compliance they must adhere to. Whether it’s exclusively the state’s data privacy laws, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, FINRA, or restrictions imposed by your clients, vendors or insurance carriers, we will work with you to identify your compliance obligations and how well you are currently meeting them.



Finally, we will take the mystery out of your IT budgeting process and benchmark all of your spending against norms. From disaster recovery to user support, internet to SPAM filtering, we will provide you with the information to know where your spending is well aligned, where you might be spending too little and, of course, where you are spending too much.


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