The Three Pillars of I.T.


Strategic Services


Proactive Services

Reactive Services


Strategic services

A well-managed IT strategy is equal parts business and technology. That is why the Relationship Manager is the captain of your three-person team. This person will oversee everything on your account and establish regular check-ins with you based on your specific needs.

Whether that be weekly phone calls, bi-weekly email summaries, quarterly onsite meetings or annual planning sessions, this resource will ensure that everything is running smoothly.

In addition to ensuring that everyone is on the same page regarding day-to-day activities, the Relationship Manager will use their strong business acumen and experience to identify opportunities to help your business grow, become more efficient and reduce your costs. We believe strongly that IT should be viewed as an investment — and every investment should be producing a return.

Services offered:

Annual strategic planning
Bi-weekly check-ins
Audits and Assessments

Proactive services

Each client will have a specialized resource (Network Manager) whose entire focus is on preventing issues from happening in the first place. From monitoring your systems to installing updates and staying ahead of the latest threats and risks, they are responsible for keeping your network running smoothly and ensuring compliance with any governing bodies.

Services offered:

Remote monitoring – servers, workstations, all other critical equipment
Patch Management 
Email Security and Encryption
Business Continuity (Disaster Recovery)
Comprehensive Security (FireWalls, encryption, multi-factor authentication) 

Reactive services

When an issue does happen, you can take comfort in the fact that a team of competent, friendly and helpful people are standing by. From the Client Service Concierge who answers the call to the team of expert technicians, we ensure that all requests are acknowledged immediately, expectations are set clearly and regular updates are provided throughout the resolution process.

Your Client Support Manager will not only make sure every issue is being addressed as quickly as possible, but will also look for patterns and trends to help identify bigger issues and reduce your costs long term.

Services offered:

White glove service
Real time support – local, knowledgeable, trained? (find better word)
Guaranteed Response Times
24/7 Support


In addition to a team that handles all of the routine tasks and responsibilities that are essential to providing excellent support, we also have a dedicated Projects division. From research to analysis, design to execution, our Project division has the resources, expertise and focus to ensure that projects are well defined, meticulously planned and completed on-time and on budget. We’re here to exceed your expectations.

Services offered:

Expertly designed solutions
Capped expenses
Dedicated project managers
Extensive experience – largest + most employees = more expertise and experience
Matching each project with the best resources
Dedicated technical lead to design a solution and oversee the project from a technical standpoint

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