Who Needs Us?

Technology, the economy, and the marketplace are changing at breakneck speed. The experts agree that the traditional, narrowly focused internal I.T. approach is quickly being eclipsed by the benefits of using an outsourced I.T. model.

If you’ve made it this far, there’s a strong possibility you need our services.

So who are our clients? Typically we are approached for help by business owners, COOs, CFOs, and office managers. If this is you, we find that you generally come to us in a situation like these:

You wonder if the financial resources you’ve devoted to a full-time, in-house I.T. person could be put to better use.
You have concerns that your business is being limited by the narrow expertise of your limited I.T. staff or small consultant.
You’re unhappy with the service from your current outsourced I.T. vendor.
Your company is growing and is ready to graduate from a break-fix model to a proactive I.T. relationship.
You have a brand new business that you need help getting off the ground.
You’re trying to decide between hiring a part-time I.T. person and outsourcing your I.T. services.

If any of these sound like you, it's time to see what services Paragus can provide you.