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Tech foundry

Founded by Paragus IT CEO Delcie Bean in 2014, Tech Foundry is an educational nonprofit designed to address the dramatic need for a skilled IT workforce in the region. It is their mission to build the most dynamic and fluid IT workforce development and training programs ever created, driving the local economy and attracting top businesses to the area. Tech Foundry combines hands-on skill focused technical training with professional development, which serves the goal of elevating an under-served, at-risk population into tomorrow’s IT workforce.


Future Tense: What’s Next In The Pioneer Valley Business World

Future Tense is an exclusive roundtable breakfast event series open to CEOs and business owners in the region. Covering latest trends and developments in technology, healthcare, retirement plans, accounting and more, Future Tense covers the issues important to entrepreneurs and business leaders. The series is co-sponsored by Paragus IT and BusinessWest.


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