Cybersecurity: The State Is Stepping up

Special Subsidized Offer: $3,000 Assessment For $500

As a small, privately-owned business, you are increasingly becoming the primary target of cybersecurity attacks. In fact, this alarming trend has grown to the point where many analysts feel that cyberattacks represent the single greatest external threat to small business owners. Due to the increased risk, the state has a new initiative to help small businesses in Western Massachusetts understand cybersecurity risks and significantly reduce their chances of being victims of an attack.

Through a partnership with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Bay Path University, Springfield Technical Community College and Paragus Strategic IT, your business may be eligible to receive a highly-subsidized, confidential Cybersecurity Assessment. 

With this offer, you will pay only $500 for a service normally priced at $3,000. In addition to significantly minimizing your risk of being attacked, you may be able to reduce your insurance premiums. 

This non-biased comprehensive assessment will pull back the curtain and show you exactly where you stand from a cyber-defense perspective. It will also offer you peace of mind and practical, cost-effective solutions to any issues that arise.

How long will it take?

Depending on availability, the initial onsite will be scheduled 1-2 months out from when the agreement is signed. The Assessment will take 4-5 weeks to complete after the initial onsite appointment. All Assessments will be completed before the end of 2019.

Will my business be interrupted?

It will be completed almost entirely remotely with almost no involvement of your staff.

What can I expect?

In addition to a detailed, high-level overview of the entire process and findings we will provide:

  • Executive summary

  • Internal/external defense strategies

  • One year of simulated phishing attacks

  • Expert recommendations customized to your specific needs

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